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darkroom color timer

Darkroom Lab Timer

for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android

The Darkroom Lab Timer App is an advanced multi-phase timer designed for use with C-41, E-6, RA-4 Color processes as well as B&W film and paper (RC & FB).

Key Features:

  • For Color Film, RC & FB Paper
  • Up to 25 customizable steps
  • Separate agitation sequences for each step
  • Templates for easy configuration
  • Volume and Dilution Mixers
  • Safelight simulation modes
  • Can be configured for most darkroom processes

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massive dev chart timerWant an app for B&W film processing?

Check out and compare our #1 bestselling Massive Dev Chart Timer App

The Darkroom Lab Timer is designed primarily for color film processing and complements our app for B&W film development, The Massive Dev Chart Timer.

Which app should I buy?

Most people will only need one app, so you should consider the options before purchasing the one that suits your needs best. Please see the User Guide for more information and screenshots. The Massive Dev Chart Timer is our #1 app and is widely used by photographers, students and teachers, so we recommend you download the Massive Dev Chart Timer for most B&W film purposes. The Darkroom Lab Timer is the best choice if you want to develop COLOR film or for PAPER processing. Advanced users who require more steps than available in the Massive Dev Chart Timer, or who need to set unique agitation for individual steps, will also find this app useful (see Key differences below).

Already have the Massive Dev Chart Timer app? If you develop color film, then you may want to purchase the Darkroom Lab Timer to use alongside your existing app. Use one app for Color and the other app for B&W. Or if you simply want the convenience of the Massive Dev Chart database in your pocket, but also want to run some color process or b&w processes that need additional phases or step-by-step agitation features, then owning both apps is the way to go.

The Darkroom Lab Timer is designed for users of color processes such as C-41, E-6 and RA-4 and can also be used for B&W processes. If you mainly develop color materials, then this is the app you should buy. Advanced B&W users who require features such as individual step agitation or extra configurable phases will also find this app useful. The app uses a template system, so users are expected to be able to modify and enter their own data. No data from the Massive Dev Chart is included in this app!

The Massive Dev Chart Timer is designed specifically for B&W development, so if you mainly use B&W materials, this is the app you should buy. The app includes the complete Massive Dev Chart featuring over 18,000 unique film/dev combinations that are ready to use with the click of a button. Recommended for users of all levels, from beginners to advanced. More info: Massive Dev Chart Timer App

Key differences:

 Darkroom Lab TimerMassive Dev Chart Timer
ProcessesC-41, E-6, RA-4, B&W Film & Paper (RC, FB), more...B&W Film
DataExample data in templates, user to configure. No data for individual films.18,000+ B&W film development times from The Massive Dev Chart included, ready-to-use.
PhasesUp to 25 stepsUp to 8 steps
Timer step sequence Preheat, Prewash, First Dev, Dev/Rep, Wash, Stop, Reversal, Color Dev, Developer (A+B), Wash, Stop, Pre-Bleach, Bleach, Bleach-Fix, Wash, Fix (A+B), Wash (A+B), Hypo Clear, Final Wash, Rinse Aid, Stabilizer, DryingDeveloper (A+B), Stop, Fix (A+B), Hypo Clear, Final Wash, Rinse Aid
Agitation SettingEvery Individual StepGlobal
PlatformiOSiOS, Android, Fire

Minimum system requirement: Apple iOS 6.0+

Frequently Asked Questions  |   User Guide  |   Support Forum