Massive Dev Chart Timer - User Guide


How to Edit a Film/Dev sequence

From the MASSIVE DEV CHART menu select the film and developer combination you wish to use and proceed to the timer screen. Click the + PLUS or ☆ STAR button to unlock the timer screen. Next, click the EDIT button to enter the EDIT screen.

mytimes choosefilm choosedev

Edit HYPO CLEAR, FINAL WASH, RINSE AID. If you are not using a hypo-clearing agent or fixer remover, set the HYPO CLEAR step to zero to remove it from the sequence. The Rinse Aid step is for use with Photo-Flo/Wetting Agent and will appear as a small segment at the end of the FINAL WASH step. Edit AGITATION. Set INITIALLY to the length of the initial contiuous agitation (normally 30 or 60 secs), set AFTERWARDS to the length of recurring agitation (normally 5 or 10 secs) and REPEAT EVERY to the frequency of subsequent agitation (normally 30 or 60 secs). For continuous agitation set INITIALLY to the length of the longest step and AFTERWARDS and REPEAT EVERY to zero. Add NOTES if required. Click SAVE to save the time to your MY TIMES screen.

editscreen editscreen editscreen

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