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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

Adox CHM 125A49stock125820C
Adox CHM 400A49stock4007.520C
Adox CHS 100A49stock10088820C
Adox CHS 100A491+110012121220C
Adox CHS 100A491+210015151520C
Adox CHS 25A49stock254420C
Adox CHS 25A491+1255520C
Adox CHS 25A491+2257720C
Adox CHS 50A49stock506620C
Adox CHS 50A491+1508820C
Adox CHS 50A491+250111120C
Agfapan APX 100A49stock1005.755.7520C[notes]
Agfapan APX 100A491.5+11006.56.520C[notes]
Agfapan APX 100A49stock2007.57.520C[notes]
Agfapan APX 25A49stock255.755.7520C
Agfapan APX 400A49stock4009920C[notes]
Argenti LSRFA49stock508.520C
Argenti Protopan 400A491+14001520C
Arista EDU Ultra 100A49stock1006-820C
Arista EDU Ultra 100A491+11001320C
Arista EDU Ultra 100A491+21001720C
Arista EDU Ultra 100A491.5+1100623C
Arista EDU Ultra 200A49stock2008-1020C
Arista EDU Ultra 200A491+12001320C
Arista EDU Ultra 200A491+2200171320C
Arista EDU Ultra 200A491.5+1200820C
Arista EDU Ultra 400A49stock4008-1020C
Arista EDU Ultra 400A491+14001320C
Arista EDU Ultra 400A491+24001720C
Arista II 100A49stock1005.7520C[notes]
Arista II 100A491.5+11006.520C[notes]
Arista II 100A49stock2007.520C[notes]
Arista II 400A49stock400920C[notes]
BPF/BRF 15A49stock15520C
Classic Pan 200A49stock2005.55.520C
Classic Pan 400A49stock4008820C
Efke 100A49stock10088820C
Efke 100A491+110012121220C
Efke 100A491+210015151520C
Efke 25A49stock254420C
Efke 25A491+1255520C
Efke 25A491+2257720C
Efke 50A49stock506620C
Efke 50A491+1508820C
Efke 50A491+250111120C
Fomapan 100A49stock1006-820C
Fomapan 100A491+11001320C
Fomapan 100A491+21001720C
Fomapan 100A491.5+1100623C
Fomapan 200A49stock2008-1020C
Fomapan 200A491+12001320C
Fomapan 200A491+2200171720C
Fomapan 200A491.5+1200820C
Fomapan 400A49stock4008-1020C
Fomapan 400A491+14001320C
Fomapan 400A491+24001720C
Fomapan T800A49stock80011-1220C
Fomapan T800A491+18001620C
Fomapan T800A491+28002020C
Fortepan 100A49stock1005.55.520C
Fortepan 200A49stock2005.55.520C
Fortepan 400A49stock4008820C
Fortepan PortraitA49stock100620C
Fuji Neopan 400A491+14001320C
Ilford Delta 100 ProA49stock1006.256.2520C
Ilford FP4+A49stock1258820C
Ilford HP5+A49stock4007.57.520C
Ilford Pan F+A49stock507.57.520C
Kodak TMax 100A49stock1008820C[notes]
Kodak TMax 400A49stock400111120C
Kodak TMax P3200A49stock32001120C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 320A491+12001024C
Kodak Tri-X 320A491+110002024C
Kodak Tri-X 400A491+1320924C
Kodak Tri-X 400A491+11000141424C
Lucky SHD 100A491+11001020C
Maco UP100p/PO100cA49stock10088820C
Maco UP400pA49stock4001022C
Polypan FA49stock508.520C
Rollei Retro 100A49stock1005.755.7520C[notes]
Rollei Retro 100A491.5+11006.56.520C[notes]
Rollei Retro 100A49stock2007.57.520C[notes]
Rollei Retro 400A49stock4009920C[notes]
Rollei Retro 80SA491+164131320C
Rollei Superpan 200A49stock25101020C[notes]
Rollei Superpan 200A49stock200101020C
see notesA49[notes]
Shanghai GP3 Pan 100A491+110011.520C
Wephota NP 15A49stock25920C
Wephota NP 22A49stock1259-1120C
Wephota NP 27A49stock40012-1420C

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