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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

Agfapan APX 100Ethol Blue1+302004.754.754.7521C[notes]
Agfapan APX 100Ethol Blue1+302504.54.54.521C[notes]
Agfapan APX 25Ethol Blue1+3064521C
Agfapan APX 25Ethol Blue1+30804.521C
Efke 100Ethol Blue1+6032088821C
Efke 25Ethol Blue1+604044421C
Efke 50Ethol Blue1+1206499921C
Fuji Neopan 1600Ethol Blue1+3024007.2521C
Fuji Neopan 400Ethol Blue1+308007721C
Ilford Delta 100 ProEthol Blue1+3010066621C
Ilford FP4+Ethol Blue1+301256.756.756.7521C
Ilford FP4+Ethol Blue1+3020066.25621C
Ilford HP5+Ethol Blue1+3064066621C
Ilford HP5+Ethol Blue1+3080055521C
Ilford HP5+Ethol Blue1+3010006.56.56.521C
Ilford Pan F+Ethol Blue1+60804621C
Kodak EktapanEthol Blue1+601256.7521C
Kodak Plus-XEthol Blue1+601253.543.521C[notes]
Kodak Plus-XEthol Blue1+6016077721C[notes]
Kodak Plus-XEthol Blue1+303203.53.53.521C[notes]
Kodak Plus-XEthol Blue1+3040033321C[notes]
Kodak Recording FilmEthol Blue1+3024001021C
Kodak Technical PanEthol Blue1+120507.521C[notes]
Kodak Technical PanEthol Blue1+120507.521C[notes]
Kodak Technical PanEthol Blue1+120646621C[notes]
Kodak Technical PanEthol Blue1+120646621C[notes]
Kodak TMax 100Ethol Blue1+301606.56.56.521C[notes]
Kodak TMax 100Ethol Blue1+302007.57.56.521C[notes]
Kodak TMax 400Ethol Blue1+308006.256.256.2521C
Kodak TMax 400Ethol Blue1+3010006.56.56.521C
Kodak TMax P3200Ethol Blue1+30320014.521C[notes]
Kodak TMax P3200Ethol Blue1+3064002021C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 320Ethol Blue1+305005.521C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 320Ethol Blue1+308004.521C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Ethol Blue1+604005.55.521C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Ethol Blue1+3016005.25521C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Ethol Blue1+3024006.756.7521C[notes]
Kodak Verichrome PanEthol Blue1+60200521C
Legacy Pro 400Ethol Blue1+30800721C

The Massive Dev Chart

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