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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

Adox CHM 125Gamma Plus1+71255.520C
Adox CHM 125Gamma Plus1+12125820C
Adox CHM 125Gamma Plus1+201251220C
Adox CHM 400Gamma Plus1+7400620C
Adox CHM 400Gamma Plus1+12400920C
Adox CHM 400Gamma Plus1+2040011.520C
Agfapan APX 100Gamma Plus1+710055520C[notes]
Agfapan APX 100Gamma Plus1+12100886.520C[notes]
Agfapan APX 100Gamma Plus1+2010010.510.51120C[notes]
Agfapan APX 25Gamma Plus1+7255520C
Agfapan APX 25Gamma Plus1+12258820C
Agfapan APX 25Gamma Plus1+202510.510.520C
Arista EDU Ultra 400Gamma Plus1+124008.58.58.522C
Arista II 100Gamma Plus1+7100520C[notes]
Arista II 100Gamma Plus1+12100820C[notes]
Arista II 100Gamma Plus1+2010010.520C[notes]
Arista Premium 100Gamma Plus1+71254.520C[notes]
Arista Premium 100Gamma Plus1+12125820C[notes]
Arista Premium 100Gamma Plus1+2012511.520C[notes]
Arista Premium 400Gamma Plus1+74007.520C[notes]
Arista Premium 400Gamma Plus1+12400920C[notes]
Arista Premium 400Gamma Plus1+2040013.520C[notes]
Classic Pan 200Gamma Plus1+72008820C
Classic Pan 200Gamma Plus1+1220010.510.510.520C
Classic Pan 200Gamma Plus1+20200141413.520C
Classic Pan 400Gamma Plus1+74009920C
Classic Pan 400Gamma Plus1+1240011.511.511.520C
Classic Pan 400Gamma Plus1+20400151514.520C
Fomapan 400Gamma Plus1+124008.58.58.522C
Fortepan 100Gamma Plus1+71006620C
Fortepan 100Gamma Plus1+121008820C
Fortepan 100Gamma Plus1+20100111120C
Fortepan 200Gamma Plus1+72008820C
Fortepan 200Gamma Plus1+1220010.510.510.520C
Fortepan 200Gamma Plus1+20200141413.520C
Fortepan 400Gamma Plus1+74009920C
Fortepan 400Gamma Plus1+1240011.511.511.520C
Fortepan 400Gamma Plus1+20400151514.520C
Fuji Neopan 100 AcrosGamma Plus1+2010011111120C
Fuji Neopan 100ssGamma Plus1+71005520C
Fuji Neopan 100ssGamma Plus1+121007720C
Fuji Neopan 100ssGamma Plus1+20100111120C
Fuji Neopan 1600Gamma Plus1+716004.520C
Fuji Neopan 1600Gamma Plus1+1216006.520C
Fuji Neopan 1600Gamma Plus1+20160010.520C
Holga 400Gamma Plus1+124008.58.522C
Ilford Delta 100 ProGamma Plus1+710044420C
Ilford Delta 100 ProGamma Plus1+1210066620C
Ilford Delta 100 ProGamma Plus1+201008.58.58.520C
Ilford FP4+Gamma Plus1+71255.55.55.520C
Ilford FP4+Gamma Plus1+12125884.520C
Ilford FP4+Gamma Plus1+201251212820C
Ilford HP5+Gamma Plus1+740066620C
Ilford HP5+Gamma Plus1+1240099520C
Ilford HP5+Gamma Plus1+2040011.511.5820C
Ilford Pan F+Gamma Plus1+12505520C
Ilford Pan F+Gamma Plus1+20508820C
Kodak Plus-XGamma Plus1+71254.544.520C[notes]
Kodak Plus-XGamma Plus1+12125866.520C[notes]
Kodak Plus-XGamma Plus1+2012511.588.520C[notes]
Kodak Technical PanGamma Plus1+12?66620C[notes]
Kodak Technical PanGamma Plus1+12?66620C[notes]
Kodak Technical PanGamma Plus1+20?[notes]
Kodak Technical PanGamma Plus1+20?[notes]
Kodak TMax 100Gamma Plus1+710065.5620C[notes]
Kodak TMax 100Gamma Plus1+1210098.57.520C[notes]
Kodak TMax 100Gamma Plus1+201001413.512.520C[notes]
Kodak TMax 400Gamma Plus1+740076720C
Kodak TMax 400Gamma Plus1+124009.59.56.520C
Kodak TMax 400Gamma Plus1+2040014.51411.520C
Kodak TMax P3200Gamma Plus1+732006.520C[notes]
Kodak TMax P3200Gamma Plus1+1232009.520C[notes]
Kodak TMax P3200Gamma Plus1+20320013.520C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 320Gamma Plus1+123206.520C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 320Gamma Plus1+203201120C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Gamma Plus1+74007.54.520C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Gamma Plus1+1240096.520C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Gamma Plus1+2040013.58.520C[notes]
Kodak Verichrome PanGamma Plus1+121007.520C
Rollei Pan 25Gamma Plus1+12327.520C
Rollei Retro 100Gamma Plus1+71005520C[notes]
Rollei Retro 100Gamma Plus1+12100886.520C[notes]
Rollei Retro 100Gamma Plus1+2010010.510.51120C[notes]

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