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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

Adox CHM 125Neotenal Powderstock125820C
Adox CHM 400Neotenal Powderstock400620C[notes]
Agfapan APX 100Neotenal Powderstock10099920C[notes]
Agfapan APX 25Neotenal Powderstock25101020C
Arista II 100Neotenal Powderstock100920C[notes]
Arista Premium 400Neotenal Powderstock400820C[notes]
Ilford Delta 100 ProNeotenal Powderstock10066620C[notes]
Ilford FP4+Neotenal Powderstock12588820C
Ilford HP5+Neotenal Powderstock40066620C[notes]
Ilford Pan F+Neotenal Powderstock502.52.520C
Ilford SFX 200Neotenal Powderstock2008.58.520C
Kodak TMax 100Neotenal Powderstock10099920C[notes]
Kodak TMax 400Neotenal Powderstock40099920C[notes]
Kodak TMax P3200Neotenal Powderstock32001220C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Neotenal Powderstock4008820C[notes]
Orwopan 100Neotenal Powderstock10055520C[notes]
Orwopan 25Neotenal Powderstock254.54.54.520C[notes]
Orwopan 400Neotenal Powderstock40055520C[notes]
Rollei Retro 100Neotenal Powderstock10099920C[notes]

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