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Rodinal, Adonal, R09 One Shot, R09

The commercial version of Rodinal, as previously manufactured by Agfa, is currently sold under the following names:

If you have an older bottle, it may have one of these names:

Please use the times posted for Rodinal with any of the developers listed above.

If you are unsure of whether you have one of these products, then check to see whether it is manufactured by Agfa, Adox, Compard, Maco / Hans O. Mahn. If one of these companies is listed as the manufacturer, then it is identical to Agfa Rodinal.

If you are using Fomadon R09, this is a very similar developer, but it is not identical. In practice, Fomadon R09 should be indistinguishable from Rodinal, so always use the Rodinal times for development as starting points are the same. Alternatively, there are separate times here: Fomadon R09

If you are using a very old bottle that is labelled "R09" and lists a standard dilution of 1+40 instead of 1+50, or if you have made your own version of R09 from raw chemicals, you can find times here: Original R09