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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

Adox CHM 125Tofen S37stock1254.520C
Adox CHM 125Tofen S37stock200620C
Adox CHM 125Tofen S37stock4008.520C
Adox CHM 400Tofen S37stock400520C
Adox CHM 400Tofen S37stock800720C
Adox CHM 400Tofen S37stock16001320C
Agfapan APX 100Tofen S37stock1004.54.54.520C[notes]
Agfapan APX 25Tofen S37stock254.54.520C
Agfapan APX 25Tofen S37stock506.56.520C
Agfapan APX 25Tofen S37stock100101020C
Arista II 100Tofen S37stock1004.520C[notes]
Arista Premium 100Tofen S37stock1254.2520C[notes]
Arista Premium 100Tofen S37stock2505.520C[notes]
Arista Premium 100Tofen S37stock5007.520C[notes]
Arista Premium 400Tofen S37stock400520C[notes]
Arista Premium 400Tofen S37stock8006.520C[notes]
Arista Premium 400Tofen S37stock16009.520C[notes]
Ilford FP4+Tofen S37stock1254.54.54.520C
Ilford FP4+Tofen S37stock20066620C
Ilford FP4+Tofen S37stock4008.58.58.520C
Ilford HP5+Tofen S37stock40055520C
Ilford HP5+Tofen S37stock80077720C
Ilford HP5+Tofen S37stock160013131320C
Ilford Pan F+Tofen S37stock505520C
Ilford Pan F+Tofen S37stock1007720C
Ilford Pan F+Tofen S37stock200101020C
Kodak Plus-XTofen S37stock1254.254.254.2520C[notes]
Kodak Plus-XTofen S37stock2505.55.55.520C[notes]
Kodak Plus-XTofen S37stock5007.57.57.520C[notes]
Kodak Recording FilmTofen S37stock10007.520C
Kodak Recording FilmTofen S37stock2000920C
Kodak TMax 400Tofen S37stock16006.56.56.520C
Kodak Tri-X 400Tofen S37stock4005520C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Tofen S37stock8006.56.520C[notes]
Kodak Tri-X 400Tofen S37stock16009.59.520C[notes]
Kodak Verichrome PanTofen S37stock1254.2520C
Kodak Verichrome PanTofen S37stock250620C
Kodak Verichrome PanTofen S37stock500820C
Rollei Retro 100Tofen S37stock1004.54.54.520C[notes]

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