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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

Bergger BRF 400+ADX II1+2440012-1320C
Bergger BRF 400+Atomal 49stock40012.520C
Bergger BRF 400+Berspeed1+1400111120C
Bergger BRF 400+Berspeed1+14008824C
Bergger BRF 400+Berspeed1+180015.515.520C
Bergger BRF 400+Berspeed1+180011.2511.2524C
Bergger BRF 400+D-761+14001120C
Bergger BRF 400+ID-111+14001120C
Bergger BRF 400+Ilfotec HC1+314007.520C
Bergger BRF 400+PMK1+2+1004001420C
Bergger BRF 400+Rodinal1+504001320C
Bergger BRF 400+Spur UFP1+2040011.511.511.520C
Bergger BRF 400+TMax Dev1+4400820C
Bergger BRF 400+Ultrafin1+1040012.520C
Bergger BRF 400+Xtol1+14001220C

The Massive Dev Chart

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