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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

JandC Pro 100Atomalstock1006.520C
JandC Pro 100D-76stock1009.520C
JandC Pro 100D-761+110013.520C
JandC Pro 100Emofinstock1004+420C
JandC Pro 100HC-110B1007.520C[notes]
JandC Pro 100ID-11stock1009.520C
JandC Pro 100ID-111+110013.520C
JandC Pro 100Microdol-Xstock1001220C
JandC Pro 100Microphenstock100920C
JandC Pro 100Neofin Bluestock1001420C
JandC Pro 100PMK1+2+10010013.520C[notes]
JandC Pro 100Rodinal1+251008.520C
JandC Pro 100Rodinal1+5010013.520C
JandC Pro 100Rodinal1+1001002120C
JandC Pro 100WD2D+stock1001220C
JandC Pro 100Xtol1+1809.520C[notes]
JandC Pro 100Xtolstock100720C

The Massive Dev Chart

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