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Massive Dev Chart Search Results

This data is for an OBSOLETE film and/or developer, please check the main chart for current versions.

Konica IR 750Acufinestock50720C[notes]
Konica IR 750Acutol1+9n/a8820C[notes]
Konica IR 750D-76stockn/a6620C
Konica IR 750D-761+1n/a8.58.520C
Konica IR 750DK-20stockn/a7720C
Konica IR 750Econotol 21+14NA520C
Konica IR 750Econotol 21+29NA720C
Konica IR 750FD101+9n/a111120C
Konica IR 750FG71+15257621C
Konica IR 750FX-551+9n/a1420C
Konica IR 750HC-110Bn/a7720C[notes]
Konica IR 750ID-11stockn/a6620C
Konica IR 750ID-111+1n/a8.58.520C
Konica IR 750Ilfotec LC291+29326.56.520C
Konica IR 750Konicadol DPstockn/a6620C
Konica IR 750Konicadol Finestockn/a7720C
Konica IR 750Konicadol Superstockn/a6620C
Konica IR 750Negafinstockn/a3.53.520C
Konica IR 750Promicrol1+9n/a1120C
Konica IR 750Promicrol1+14n/a1620C
Konica IR 750Rodinal1+50n/a5520C
Konica IR 750Rodinal1+75n/a9920C
Konica IR 750Rodinal1+10064.520C[notes]
Konica IR 750Suprol1+19n/a2.2520C
Konica IR 750Technidolstock12-257.57.524C[notes]
Konica IR 750Ultrafin1+20n/a5520C
Konica IR 750Ultrafin Plus1+4n/a3.53.520C
Konica IR 750Ultrafin SFstockn/a8820C
Konica IR 750Xtol1+1n/a7.520C

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