Motion Pictures: fillm vs digital

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Motion Pictures: fillm vs digital

Post by pirateoversixty »

Been a long time since I have posted here, but watched an interesting documentary on PBS the other night. It was produced (I think) by Keanue Reeves. It concerned the switch to digital from film by Hollywood. It seemed to be sharply divided (as usual) between the film advocated and digital advocates. The film advocates for aesthetic reasons, digital advocates for the technical dexterity availab able to them (they did admit that film did look better, but that gap is closing rapidly). One of the big names who favored digital was George Lucas. There were many interviews, featuring actors, directors, technicians, etc. At the end, Reeves stated that he favored film while digital was obviously taking over.

Watch for this program to cycle through again on PBS. Quite interesting and informative.

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Re: Motion Pictures: fillm vs digital

Post by Ornello »

Cinema is dead anyway. Who cares? Hollywood is run by morons with no taste. Lucas is among the worst of the lot. I won't set foot in a theatre when a film by Lucas, Cameron, or Spielberg is playing. Ridley Scott is OK though.

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