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john cox
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rodinal replacement

Post by john cox »

anyone have an easily availble replacement linned up for dec 31st?

(agfa is going out of business last i heard in the new year.)
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Post by Fotohuis »

We bought on the German market all Agfa Rodinal from the main supplier of Agfa. It can be stored for over a very long period, so if you want to stock up now, no problem. We think in 1/2 a year or so it will be gone and then we will start to import from our Czech supplier (Foma), the Fomadon R09 developer, also a copie of Rodinal, based on para-amino phenol.

Another possibility is R09 from Calbe (OrWo), also available in Germany and maybe also available at JandC in the USA.

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Lowell Huff
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Post by Lowell Huff »

Clayton Powder products, available on this site, will give you very good results.

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Post by foolscape »

J and C Photo has the pre-WWII Rodinol. Clayton would be the more environmentally friendly choice, though.


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Post by harleyboy »

a&o supposedly acquired the chemical division and is going to continue with things like Rodinal but I will believe it when I see it.

photographers Formulary has a note on their site that they are making a liquid version and will be launching it soon. They had a powdered version now but since Agfa's announcement they are now saying they are going to do a liquid version.

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