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Ilford Hypam

Post by isaclem »

Hi group!

I'm using Ilford Hypam without harderner (dilution 1+9) to fix my images on RC paper. I did it for 1 minute as mentioned in Ilford product information and all my prints turned out pink. I tried a 2 minutes fixing and it's about the same results. It seems that a 4 minutes is better, is it normal?

Thanks in advance for help! :?:

Isabelle from Montreal

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Re: Ilford Hypam

Post by Keith Tapscott. »

I always use it diluted 1+4 for films and papers as recommended by Ilford with no problems.

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Re: Ilford Hypam

Post by Ornello »

1 + 9 should be plenty strong for paper. That's what I use. 2-4 minutes is all you need. Was the fixer fresh?

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