Mixture of colour and black and white in photos

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Mixture of colour and black and white in photos

Post by arranpene »

Silly question, does anybody know how to take a colour photo and have a mixture of black and white and colour in it, using photoshop?


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Post by tigerbox »

There are many ways of doing it. Here is one:

1. Adjust the levels untill you are satisfied. Open the layers palette.
Duplicate the //background// layer. Call the new layer Colour. Hide the layer colour for now (press the eye).

2. Select the //background// layer. Open the Channel Mixer. Check the monochrome box and adjust R-G-B sliders till you get a good B/W image. (Levels might need new adjustment).

3. Now can start working on the colour layer. You might want to change the layer mixing mode to colour. Use the eraser or selection tool (feathering!) to remove the parts you want to be monochrome.

For making a hand coloured look just use a paintbrush on a layer (mixing mode colour) above the monochrome image. Start with a low opacity.

This gives an effect that can look a bit like using linseed oil and oil paints on photographes.

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