Barclay Black and White Film Developer

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Barclay Black and White Film Developer

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Has anyone ever heard of Barclay Black and White Film Developer? Me and a few friends are setting up a dark room and somone bought some when our Ilfosol S ran out. We can find little trace of it on the internet, except a photo here: ... pment2.htm

And the company that makes it, Sangers Group Ltd. does not have a working website.

Hopefully it is just a repackage of something else. Does anyone have any idea what?

Thanks very much,


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It may be a developer made under license by a company such as Champion Photo-Chemicals. I would suggest using it with the instructions supplied and then look for another brand when it runs out as there are plenty to choose from.

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Post by MarkJ »

Looks like Mr. Massey uses the developer--maybe send him an e-mail and ask for information. Then, like the other replier suggested, go buy something you can easily get data on, like Ilford or Kodak developers. Unless, of course, you really really like this stuff.

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