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I recently purchased a Leica IIIF that had been in a drawer for 20 years.

I looked for someone to do a CLA and my goodness has the price jumped since I last had a CLA done.

Someone recommended Kyong Kim- 237 S Radcliffe Ave- Des Palaines, IL 60016- phone 847-635-9410.

I called him and arranged to have this done and what a nice job he did at very fair price. He says he will work on better cameras including Leica, Hasselblad - Rolleis etc.

This certainly was a nice surprise.

Rolleinut in Minnesota
Wesley Martinson

Greg Winterflood
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Post by Greg Winterflood »

i don't know what a CLA is ???

i've seen the acronym used before, but am out of the loop as far as its meaning goes
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Jim Appleyard
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CLA= Clean, lube & adjust.

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Post by pentaxpete »

Too far to go ! Any good ones in Essex, England UK (colony of United States of Bush )
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