Your first Camera and film.

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Keith Tapscott.
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Your first Camera and film.

Post by Keith Tapscott. »

Do you remember what your first Camera and roll of film was. :?:

Jim Appleyard
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Post by Jim Appleyard »

My VERY first camera was a Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic II. It took 126 film and I loaded it with b/w, probably Verichrome, and had them processed at the drug store. It was cool to get little square b/w prints back with wavy edges.

Still have the camera, too.

Next was a Ricoh rangefinder in HS photo class. Shot PX and TX souped in d-76, 1+0, at ambient temp.

While in this class, my folks bought me a used Pentax H3V. It pre-dated the Spotmatic. It has no meter and a bad shutter, but I was proud to have a "real" camera. Sold it on ebay for parts for $2-3.

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Post by miha »

My first camera was my grandfather`s Zorki 4k with Jupiter 2/50mm. I shot a roll of Efke KB21 (now Efke 100) and developed the film in Efke chemistry. I do remember that I was souping the film in Efke Universal developer (for film and paper) and made my very first prints using (now hold your breath :shock: ) a slide projector!. Well, that was 17 years ago...


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Post by pentaxpete »

My 'first camera' was my Mum's Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Box that she got by saving Black Cat cigarette coupons(as she didn't smoke it took a LONG TIME!) I started photography in 1951 at the East Ham Grammar School Photo-Soc.where I first saw boys doing contact printing in the chemmy lab after school on Thursdays. It was run by 'Gabby'Heyes the Chemistry Master and he showed us how to make up our own developers from the chemicals-which I still do now!
I would cycle about 4 miles to a wonderful'Emporium'in Leytonstone,East London called'Marston & Heards'where they were selling ex WWii chemicals and film. My first film was ex-RAF 120 re-rolled onto backing paper and sold at 6d (2.5 new pence) a roll. I 'blacked out' the bathroom with an old blanket and see-sawed it through a dish of home-made developer ( I also used the dish for Frog Spawn and my Mum used it to make tapioca pudding-luckily NOT at the same time!)
Got COMPUTERISED and 'slightly Digitised Pentax K10D' but FILM STILL RULES !

Keith Tapscott.
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Post by Keith Tapscott. »

The first Camera I can remember using was also an old Kodak 126 Instamatic like Jim mentioned, which belonged to my father. The film used was colour negative, but I can`t remember the brand.
My first `proper` Camera was a Minolta SLR and my first B&W film was Ilford FP4 pre-plus version.
The Zorki mentioned by Miha would have been a vast improvement over the Kodak Instamatic as would the Kodak Brownie that Pete used.
As for the Tapioca pudding, I reckon the Frog spawn would taste nicer. UGH! :wink:

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Post by foolscape »

A Kodak Bullet. I have no idea what the film was, but I'll bet it was made by Kodak.


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Post by Crimsondoll »

My first Camera was an Olympus OM-G. (he he. still have it) And my first roll of film was Kodak T-Max 100.

Bill Ballard
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Post by Bill Ballard »

My very first camera was a Kodak 110 Instamatic. The film of course, was a Kodak 110 cartridge.

My first real camera was Yaschica Rangefinder with interchangeable lenses, but I don't recall the model. It was given to me as a Christmas gift sometime around 1975 or so and it was stolen a couple of years later. The first roll of film was Kodak Tri-X Pan, and was my introduction to the darkroom. :D

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Post by kennethcooke »

My very first serious camera was a Asahi Pentax S1a with a 50mm 1.4 Super Takumar screw thread lens. Over the past 30 years I have had various Nikon F's but last year due to age and poorer eyesight I bought a Leica M film system which I am very pleased with, shame about the forum
"It's called grain it's supposed to be there"

Regards Kenneth

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Re: Your first Camera and film.

Post by pirateoversixty »

My first real 35mm was a Neoca rangefinder. Still find them on the "BAY" now and then. My dad got one for me with a flash and an exposure meter. Also a bulk roll of Plus x. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I found it stashed, and got into it many times before the big day. I'm sure the condition of the wrapping betrayed my snooping. Nice little camera, but unfortunatelly, started scratching my film (pits in the rails) so it was disposed of.

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Re: Your first Camera and film.

Post by Imagedowser »

Mercury Universal MK 2 Half frame 35mm. Kodachrome, Super XX. 1953, age 13. Grade school graduation gift.

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Re: Your first Camera and film.

Post by Ornello »

Keith Tapscott. wrote:Do you remember what your first Camera and roll of film was. :?:
When I was just a wee one, had a Kodak Brownie of some kind...and Verichrome Pan.

Murray Kelly
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Re: Your first Camera and film.

Post by Murray Kelly »

My first camera was one given to me by my aunt about 1948. It was an English twin lens reflex and it was god awful. No part of the negative was in focus. It's a wonder I ever persisted with photography. Film was Verichrome 'souped' in a soup plate.

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