Painting on Photographic Paper

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Painting on Photographic Paper

Post by Crimsondoll »

I want to paint on top of a black and white photo. Do I have to use a specific type of paper or paint? Or, can I just use regular acrylic paint, and regular glossy black and white 8 x 10 paper?

Please help! I can't find anything about it. I don't know if there is a different term I should be using, or what's going on. I'm completely lost. I was hoping to use this technique for a project I am doing.

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Post by photoguy50 »

the technique you're referring to is known as "hand-coloring"

YES! you can absolutely paint on a B&W photographic print

I'd reccommend fiber based paper, glossy should be fine, or maybe even matte/semi-matte.

I know because my teacher has a display of B&W prints that she's painted on, looks awesome ;)

btw, she used oil paints but they make special paints for this

here: ... ndcoloring

i'm not sure wether or not you could, or should use acrylics.

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Post by kayanat »

What paper should I use for painting? I have watercolor paper, but I wasn't sure what kind of medium I should use for a saturated look. It's one of those Coca Cola ad girls, except this one's sophisticated. So I need really strong colors. Should I use watercolor?

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Re: Painting on Photographic Paper

Post by Lizz »

i recommend the matte/semi-matte over the others. I have had the best results with this type

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